Where the Finca you been?

My first 3 weeks in Colombia I was in the capital city of Bogota.  I needed some peace and a break from the city life.

The view from my office.
The view from my office.

A close friend I’ve made gave me the opportunity to go to her farm, or “finca” as they call them here.  I stayed for a week on my own, spending my days working on my writing and exploring the countryside by horseback and on foot with my canine friend Lucho.

A special thank you to my amazing neighbors; Luis, Mary Yibe, Alejandro, Lorena, and of course Lezlie and Brenda for the opportunity.  Your generous invitation was hugely helpful in my creative process and an experience I won’t soon forget.  Click the images below to see more.

In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play
Friedrich Nietzsche

My Last Look at Bogota

Click on any image below to see my photo journal from my third week in Bogota.

Bogota – Week Two

Click on any image below to see my photo journal from week 2 in Bogota.

Beyond Ataraxia

Beyond Ataraxia - Cover

Beyond Ataraxia

 What happens when we die?  Do we have a soul? What is a friend? What is truth? What is love? Does my life even matter? If so to whom does it matter?
“Beyond Ataraxia” is a philosophical discussion on topics that are as relevant today as they were  thousands of years when they were first written about.  Sean Michael Hayes exposes his biggest strengths and weaknesses he believes we all share as humans.  It is his honest self discovery which gives the reader a chance to reflect on their own life.  Sean reminds us that Philosophy is not a subject we should be any more intimidated by than science, or the arts, it is simply the inquisition into life.  As Aristotle said; “let not the youngest shun philosophy or the oldest grow weary of it.  To do so is equivalent to saying either that the time for a happy life has not yet come, or that is has already passed.”  The way Sean targets specific topics which all humans relate to allows the reader to develop their own ideas and opinions.  The answers to your problems are within you to be discovered.  This book will not tell you where to find them, but perhaps it can point you in the direction you should be looking.