Official Book Launch at Four Winds Brewing

Book Reading and Beer Tasting

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Come join me for the official book launch of Five Weeks in the Amazon this Thursday Dec. 11 at Four Winds Brewing Co.

Time: 7-8pm

Location: #4-7355 72nd st., Delta, British Columbia V4G 1L5

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Four Winds Brewing Company joined the burgeoning BC craft beer scene and opened their doors to a public thirsty for new local offerings on June 1, 2013. Owned, operated and built from the ground up by the Mills family and friends, we are inspired by the Four Winds in gathering flavours from around the world to create our unique West Coast and European style’s. We take great pleasure in the application of new world innovations while staying true to old world techniques. Motivated by the limitless potential of beer, as well as the great brewers who came before us. We aim to craft bold beers with character, depth and balance.

Situated just off the banks of the Fraser river in Delta BC,  our brewery is geared towards bottle and draft production while our tasting room provides a unique and welcoming atmosphere for craft beer enthusiasts and newcomers alike.   In addition to our tasting room,  our beers can be found in bars, restaurants and private liquor stores across greater Vancouver and Victoria.

Five Weeks in the Amazon

 A backpacker’s journey: life in the rainforest, Ayahuasca, and a Peruvian shaman’s ancient diet 

Five Weeks in the Amazon - Ebook Cover

Five Weeks in the Amazon

Five Weeks in the Amazon - Ebook Cover

Five Weeks in the Amazon

 A backpacker’s journey: life in the rainforest, Ayahuasca, and a Peruvian shaman’s ancient diet 


At the beginning of the ceremony, nobody knows how the Ayahuasca will react, for them or anyone else. Even though I couldn’t see anybody else in the dark room, I could sense overtones of apprehension within the group. We were sitting there and waiting for the Ayahuasca to do its magic, wrapped in the darkness of the night.

Before anything happened, enough time had passed for me to enter a state of internal calmness. I had been practicing my breathing techniques, trying to enter calm and meditative states for as long as possible during these ceremonies. I tried to observe, instead of control, my Ayahuasca experiences.

Without warning, an explosion of sound and light shook the entire house. The startling interruption made someone gasp, and I heard a quick squeal from somebody else.

The sky crackled to life. I knew at that moment why long ago people thought thunder was the sound coming from the gods fighting.

When it’s that bright, and that loud, and so close it’s right on top of you, there’s no escaping it. I imagined Zeus hurling thunderbolts towards the earth.

The small room became lit again and again by blasts of purple light. Thunder exploded at the same instant as the lightning flashed and I knew the storm was right on top of us. It shook the wooden house with every strike towards the Earth and I could feel the sky’s energy pouring into the room.

Through the door, I could see the jungle illuminated with each white-hot flash of light. The room was still electrified and loud when the Ayahuasca began to start working. People started to vomit, Otillia started singing icaros, and the sounds became mixed together…

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Beyond Ataraxia

Beyond Ataraxia - Cover

Beyond Ataraxia

 What happens when we die?  Do we have a soul? What is a friend? What is truth? What is love? Does my life even matter? If so to whom does it matter?
“Beyond Ataraxia” is a philosophical discussion on topics that are as relevant today as they were  thousands of years when they were first written about.  Sean Michael Hayes exposes his biggest strengths and weaknesses he believes we all share as humans.  It is his honest self discovery which gives the reader a chance to reflect on their own life.  Sean reminds us that Philosophy is not a subject we should be any more intimidated by than science, or the arts, it is simply the inquisition into life.  As Aristotle said; “let not the youngest shun philosophy or the oldest grow weary of it.  To do so is equivalent to saying either that the time for a happy life has not yet come, or that is has already passed.”  The way Sean targets specific topics which all humans relate to allows the reader to develop their own ideas and opinions.  The answers to your problems are within you to be discovered.  This book will not tell you where to find them, but perhaps it can point you in the direction you should be looking.

I Killed a Black Dog

I Killed a Black DogI KiIled a Black Dog

I KiIled a Black Dog is an anthology of over 50 poems that were each written during different periods of Sean Michael Hayes twenties.   From the light romantic comedies of a young lover, to the dark and stabbing tragedies of a man coming to terms with his existential despair.  They will make you laugh, they will make you cry, they will make you feel like a human.  Written all over the world, the settings of each poem brings you from the beaches of Thailand, to the forests of the Pacific Northwest, from a hut in the Amazon Jungle, to sitting on a curb in the medieval city of Prague.  Whether his pen has danced across the page at 30,000 feet, or marched across his notebook in South Africa he has been overcome by the inspiration our world has given him.

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