I Killed a Black Dog

I Killed a Black DogI KiIled a Black Dog

I KiIled a Black Dog is an anthology of over 50 poems that were each written during different periods of Sean Michael Hayes twenties.   From the light romantic comedies of a young lover, to the dark and stabbing tragedies of a man coming to terms with his existential despair.  They will make you laugh, they will make you cry, they will make you feel like a human.  Written all over the world, the settings of each poem brings you from the beaches of Thailand, to the forests of the Pacific Northwest, from a hut in the Amazon Jungle, to sitting on a curb in the medieval city of Prague.  Whether his pen has danced across the page at 30,000 feet, or marched across his notebook in South Africa he has been overcome by the inspiration our world has given him.

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