Sean Michael Hayes was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. In his younger years he was a  professional skateboarder and broke lots of bones.

He likes to head out into the world on solo backpacking adventures. When he’s not coaching younger professionals skateboarders he’s doing something like diving with great white sharks in South Africa or living with a shaman in the Peruvian Jungle. In the last 18 months he has traveled to Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Peru, and about a dozen more countries.

This gives him a diverse social and cultural understanding; the foundation for dynamic and thoughtful literature. His experience with travel, elite sports, global marketing, and social media have complimented his transition into the literary world. After a successful kick starter campaign, Sean’s books have been anticipated by thousands of fans

If you want to connect with Sean, send him a message; he uses the name @canadianhayes on Twitter/Instagram or Facebook. He posts updates of his adventures on

“Nothing really matters, but everything makes a difference”

Sean Michael Hayes

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Sean Michael Hayes Author Page

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