Sunday Funday – Siem Reap, Cambodia at the Funky Flashpacker

IMG_2259The reason I came from Thailand to Cambodia was to meet Mr. Ross, the facilitator, organizer and operator of an amazing school (and home), for orphans. I have been fortunate that everyone I’ve met in my first week in the country has been more than helpful. I am glad I met the Hoola-Hoop girl, but the only problem with my first hostel was that within four days my skin was destroyed from bed-bug bites, and I was beginning to get little infections, most likely from the grimy washrooms and showers.

IMG_2258On my third night in Siem ReapI was so exhausted from “play acting” as an English teacher, and so hungry, I lost my direction when I went to a dinner the Hoola-Hoop girl had made at her house for me. Tired and hungry the loud music, bright lights and clean decor drew me into what looked like a fancy hotel about to be opened.IMG_2260

Within the hour I had checked out of my first hostel, and was lying in a brand new bed, with my bags stacked against the far wall(on account of the bed-bugs).

Because the property of the new hostel is under construction, I have met all the staff, and even eaten meals next to the owner.  We had a few conversations, and on my second night here I asked why the music got shut off so early. He told me the community leader had told him the music needed to be shut off. Don’t forget, the sound system is what pulled me in off the street. IMG_2263

So today, which is a Sunday,  and the only day of the week children don’t attend school, we came up with the idea to invite the kids from the local neighborhood to come swim in the pool before the hostel is open business. My logic was, if all the kids head home tonight and tell their parents how much fun they had, then maybe we can crank our music like I did when I was in Colombia! Oh yeah, that newspaper article I mentioned in my last post…It ended being in the weekend edition and my parents sent me a photo as soon as they saw it!


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