Why? Because it was Magic!

When I was staying at the Funky Flashpacker in Siem Reap, Cambodia, I met friends from all over the world. They hosted a magician to entertain the guests one evening. I captured what I saw in writing while my friend Gabriel Bouchard shot the below photos. What I’m really curious to know though; do you believe in magic?

Magic #2

Why? Because it was Magic

The crowd was huddled shoulder to shoulder, their eyes darting back and forth. Curious, confused, laughing.


Because it was magic.

His Irish accent rolled into his capacity to capture the crowds attention. When he moved, they moved. His clear voice portrayed honesty and responsibility, but became logically criss-crossed by his power of persuasion (of which he had an abundant ability).

The Khmer staff snuck out from behind the bar to watch. Their eyes-popping-open like when they watched the tourists spend hundreds on selfish and self-centered motives. The cards turned in ways that seemed fluid, in the way well thrown cards do. However, proceeding the cards being shown, all sense of understanding was lost.

The Finale, “Come on up, who’d like to be my final volunteer, and help me find the missing card?” The tall, lanky German shuffled the deck. Innocent, and chosen because of it; but where did his card go? How did he make it disappear? It was in his wallet, somehow sealed in plastic.

The six of clubs.

The crowd now excited, buzzing, interested, and talking amongst themselves. Drifting away in small groups back to the bar, or to order dinner.

Curious and smiling.


Because it was magic.

Magic #1

2 thoughts on “Why? Because it was Magic!

  1. Great post Sean, I miss my days of backpacking for months and having the time of my life and meeting amazing people. I think travelling the word has made me a more empathetic and compassionate person. I remember a great story – I’d have to go off line with certain details of that one – of staying at a hostel by Lake Malawi – but I remember dancing on the beach even though there was no music (although both me and my new found travel mate could have both sworn they were playing Whitney Houston’s “I Want To Dance With Somebody”), the never-ending bottle of Coca Cola and the earthquake. Memories of places like the Funky Flashpacker will stay with you for a lifetime.
    Keep living life to the fullest – why go any other way.
    Peace, Harlon

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    1. Hey Harlon, thanks a lot for the message! It sounds like an exciting story! and I love how you signed off, “Keep living life to the fullest – why go any other way”
      It’s pretty head full on at the moment in Cambodia! Stay tuned

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