The Vancouver Sun Interviews ME! “Man Takes Jungle Journey to Self-Awareness”

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 2.20.39 PMWhen I was a child I would hear The Vancouver Sun hit the cement in front of my house every morning before I got up for school. Next, my mom would knock on my bedroom door and tell me it was time to wake up and take a shower. When I was a teenager I was always tired in the morning.

I would walk like a zombie downstairs, turn on the shower and then crouch down in the fetal position and fall back to sleep leaning against the warm tiles. I don’t remember how many times I did this, but more than a few times I would be woken up by my parents knocking on the door telling me I was taking too long.

I would get out, dry myself off, stare at myself in dismay in the mirror (by 13 I already felt awkward about my looks and inability to retain my “first girlfriend”).  After putting on clothes for school I would go to the kitchen and pour myself a huge bowl of cereal.

My dad would sometimes have already left for work, but the morning edition of The Vancouver Sun would be sitting on the kitchen table every morning. What started as an interest in the comics soon developed into a curiosity for current events and world happenings.

I am feel honored that they reviewed my book, Five Weeks in the Amazon, in their Entertainment section. I am not sure if my parents have seen it yet (it was just published online, and I am in Cambodia 15 hours ahead of them in Vancouver), but I know they get it delivered to their home each day and I’m wondering if they will come across it while eating breakfast.

Happy Saturday mom and dad. Thank you for subscribing to a worthwhile, and educational daily paper, and thank you Corry Anderson-Fennel for writing the book review for The Vancouver Sun. If you are interested in signing up for my next big update from Cambodia click here.  10774613

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