Photos from the Amazon – Iquitos, Peru

Here are a few photo’s from my @canadianhayes Instagram account from when I flew to Iquitos, Peru and lived with a shaman. My book, Five Weeks in the Amazon is available now, click here to check it out!

My Tambo near Iquitos Amazon River (before swimming with dolphins) Sean Tributary to the Amazon Amazon River

Click here to order my book Five Weeks in the Amazon

3 thoughts on “Photos from the Amazon – Iquitos, Peru

  1. Great photos and good luck on your launch, I am doing what I can to spread the word in my Toronto network. You must be excited, and proud too! Stay the course, H.


      1. Great to hear from you Sean. It’s been a brutally cold and long winter, so essentially everyone in Toronto is cranky (except for me of course), but spring is coming and that’s such a delicious time of year, natur’es refrain: dark turns to light and winter turns to spring. Can’t wait to get out and explore! How’s the book world treating you? I really do think you’ve accomplished something quite remarkable and I like how you are presenting yourself. You are class act my friend. Peace, Harlon


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