Who Are The Best Self-Publishing Partners For An Indie Author? Dean Bradshaw

Cover Photographer – Dean Bradshaw

If a picture says a thousand words, then photographer Dean Bradshaw’s career is an epic novel. Originally from Australia, he fly to Los Angeles with a Biology degree and the dream of becoming one of the world’s top photographers.

beatthechefv2In a market saturated with talent, Dean’s eye for idiosyncratic subjects has become fused with his post production skills. He created a niche in the commercial photography market, and brands like American Express, National Geographic and Wrangler have all sought his unique photograph art.


The thing I had in common with Dean when we first met was we were both foreigners that were living in California. Until you have ever actually lived in another country it is hard to fully understand what it’s like. Dean shared this understanding with me, and when he learned how much passion I had for coaching pro skateboarders he approached me and asked if he could shoot a feature on me for website witnessthis.com, (which is where I got the headshot I use everywhere, thanks Dean & Dersu).


A few months after I got back from spending Five Weeks in the Amazon, Dean and his beautiful wife Catherine went to Peru to spend a week with the same shaman. So not only was he able to provide great imagery for my cover, he knows better than anyone the power of the jungle, the psychotropic jungle medication Ayahuasca, and of course got to meet Otillia, mi espiritu madre.


Like I mentioned before, we all know the saying, “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”, but the one thing it doesn’t apply to at all is books. We all judge books by their cover, so having Dean give me the images I used for the final cover design is awesome! Thanks Dean!

Five Weeks in the Amazon - Print Cover

Want to see Five Weeks in the Amazon?


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