Depression Quest – Prescription Ketamine, Divorcing a Dutch Model, and Suicidal Tendencies

 A short, yet true story featuring me just went live.

Produced by iTunes best-of-2014 award winner, “The Lapse”

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The Lapse StorytellingDepression Quest

The Lapse is an audio-rich podcast presenting the best in true stories from across the globe. Utilizing extensive music and sound, we want to put you there, to feel the events as they transpire. We are film for your ears.

From their story description: Ketamine is a drug largely used in veterinary clinics. Recreationally, it’s used to induce an out of body experience. The oft-sought “K-Hole.” But Sean Michael Hayes was looking to score for a different reason. He was trying to save his life.

One in ten North Americans is diagnosed with major depressive disorder. Many more live in silence, believing that what they’re experiencing is normal, or convincing themselves that medication for the mind is something to be ashamed of. This is the story of Sean’s quest for normalcy.

Sean Michael Hayes is the author of a trilogy of books about his experience, the first of which, Five Weeks in the Amazon is available here. We just barely graze it in our episode, but the book spans the full breadth of Sean’s time in Peru. Look for his second memoir, I Killed a Black Dog, coming soon. If you’re not familiar with the quote, think Churchill.

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Author: canadianhayes

Author of #FiveWeeksintheAmazon, global nomad and generally interesting human.

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