Colombia’s Caribbean to Canadian Forests

Each morning I would wake up with the sun and work on my writing until mid-day.  When I was staying in Bogota I would explore the the city on my skateboard when I was done writing.  I found a really great book store in the city but my time in the country living on a farm was the most productive and inspired of my whole trip.

My morning work station on a small farm outside Bogota

When I was in Medellin I rented an apartment right next to a skatepark and when I was done working each day I would go meet up with friends and skate.  Except for the times I was meeting up with cute Colombiana’s which was always fun.

Interview with the ColombianCuties
Interview with the ColombianCuties.

It was great fortune which led me to La Tortuga, a hostel in Taganga, a small fishing village on Colombia’s Caribbean coast.  The owner found something about my trip on social media and sent me a message asking if I wanted to stay for free and run the bar in her hostel.  I thought it sounded like a fun opportunity and I had heard interesting things about the town..

Bartending at La Tortuga hostel, in Taganga Colombia.

There were two things I wrote in my notebook on my way $40 flight from Medellin to Taganga.  One of them was I wanted to fish like Hemingway in the Caribbean, and the other was to bartend like Tom Cruise in Cocktail.  I loved Taganga so much that I stayed for the rest of my trip.  I made lifelong friends and without question can cross those goals off in my book.  I am grateful to everyone I met in that wild town and I hope to be back soon.

Fishing in the Caribbean a la Hemingway.
Fishing in the Caribbean a la Hemingway.

The worst part of my trip was having my computer stolen the day I arrived in Taganga.  It wasn’t anyone at the hostel, I think somehow the Taxi driver got it on my way from the airport.  How I will never know.  Needless to say, it brought the progress on my books to a halt.  The silver lining was the time it left me to practice my writing and create more original content.  I have many notebooks filled with short stories, poems, songs and all kinds of random observations but the main thing is that I truly think my writing improved.

La Tortuga bar during a World Cup game.
La Tortuga bar during a World Cup game.

Now I am back in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada.  I have a new computer and I am back to my books and working on them each morning.  It is a slow process but I am completing everything I set out to do.  Everything is pushed back a little bit, but I am closer to the end now than ever.

Flipping into waterfalls in Minca.
Flipping into waterfalls in Minca, a small town in the mountains an hour from the coast.

If you were one of the people that pledged for my Kickstarter campaign first I will say thank you again.  I want to reassure you that all rewards will be coming as soon as they are ready.  Please consider this just a normal artistic delay and know that I am forever grateful for all the support.

I will be publishing some of the short stories I wrote in Colombia on   Click the follow button at the top of the screen to get an email alert when the first one comes out this Friday.

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