I Killed A Black Dog

I Killed a Black Dog

I Killed a Black Dog

I Killed a Black Dog is an anthology of my favorite poems and short stories. They were mostly written during my twenties, while exploring the globe worldwide. Ranging from light romantic comedies of a young lover, to dark, stabbing tragedies of a man coming to terms with his existential despair. They will make you laugh, they will make you cry, they will make you feel like a human. The settings of each poem brings you from the beaches of Thailand, to the forests of the Pacific Northwest. From a hut in the Amazon Jungle, to sitting on a curb in the medieval city of Prague. Whether my pen has danced across the page at 30,000 feet, or marched across my notebook in South Africa, I try my best to live a true and authentic life. These are my literal snapshots of that life.

7 thoughts on “I Killed A Black Dog

  1. You have been promoting voluntourism – where orphans exploited and exposed to dangers – 80% of these kids have parents and homes but are removed to orphanages where tourists are sucked into paying for days out and no money goes into the children. Many have no future. You are a heartless self obsessed arse and your book is a pile of narcissistic wank.


    1. Thanks for the message Orange. Actually, Mr. Ross (who you can look up on Facebook) had nothing to do with volunturism. I came to Siem Reap to meet him because my babysitter from when I was a child taught English there ten years ago. I was fortunate to introduce the children Mr. Ross works with to many other westerners who wanted to help. We rented a bus and took them to see their historic temples, Mr. Ross led us all in an informative tour. Both the westerners and local children were greatly appreciative for the opportunity.
      You are right about the 80%, in fact I saw a lot of tourists, and Non-Profit owners with range rovers and gold watches.
      The family of one of the kids who I taught English to invited me for dinner when I had no money, they were very thankful for my association with his English school. It is free English for children of his village to learn a language that is very important.
      And your comment about my “wank” of a book must mean your from the UK, where i hope you continue to drink $5 starbucks while judging those less fortunate than me:)
      Have a great day, enjoy your next look in the mirror:)


    2. Those are very unkind words.
      While you are free to speak your opinions it’s not like Sean has any control over the government, rules, etc in the places he visits

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