There Is Something In The Air – A Short Essay

About 70,000 or 80,000 Canadians are legally entitled to consume marijuana, but this number is much lower than those seeking change. During the summer of 2015 there was a small window of time when some Medical Marijuana Dispensary’s had smoking lounges for customers use.

I found them to be safe, relaxed, and a communal space for people (like me), looking for a place to do what they want to do without getting harassed or persecuted. I enjoy smoking joints, drinking coffee and writing. I’m sure I’m not the first author to enjoy this trifecta of creativity, yet, it is something that’s not so easy to find in most of the world.

One morning, while in one of these lounges, I scribed the following passage. Given the current status of Marijuana’s legality in Canada it seemed a fitting time to post. What do you think will come out of it in the future?

struggling-australian-junior-to-grow-cannabis-in-canadaThere is something in the air. Along with the hazy smoke and laughter, something intriguing and new has begun. A revolution. An outcry against the illogical, and a decades long war nearly won by the people. 

The Feds have been losing the fight for years, but have yet to throw down their arms. They resisted for as long as possible and their time has come.

They have no choice.

It is only a matter of time before their antiquated policies crumble. 

The majority has spoken.

The better half support change and liberty. 

Their conservative ideas are dried up, finished, cracked. Like a brown leaf in an Autumn street, the oligarchy is being dismantled by popular opinion. 

Let the spring come in a viridian hue, accessible to all who have demanded legal access to this mysterious plant.


Author Disclaimer: I neither confirm, nor deny, the personal use of Marijuana.

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