The Girl in the Bed, (Part 2) – A Short Story from Colombia

The Girl in the Bed
The Girl in the Bed

He wasn’t really awake and he wasn’t really asleep.  He was between the two, but lucid enough to know how hot he was.  He could feel the sweat on his brow and the back of his neck and the humid, dewey parts where her legs were pressed against his.

The voices of the people in the streets, the children’s laughter, the music playing loudly, these things all made him realize it was daytime.  Light shot through the bottom of the doorframe and on cracks in the wooden slats of the window shutters.  There was no avoiding it, the night was done.

He knew all of this without opening his eyes.  Blinking one open to look over his shoulder he saw that her eyes were still closed too.  Was she asleep, he wondered, or just pretending to be?

Rolling back onto his side he faced the door of the room and stared at it blankly.  The girl straightened her leg and the top of her foot slid down the back of his calf.  She leaned into him making him even hotter and then pressed her face into his shoulder.

He could hear the fan but couldn’t feel its breeze.  All he knew was how hot he was, and that it was daytime now.  This hadn’t meant much to him then, but it was a serious issue now.

Flashing back to last night, when he had been rolling around with the girl, he remembered the room had already become visible in gray light.  Given his state at the time, he had enjoyed her for as long as he could.  He had been drunk then and was probably still drunk now.

Had he slept?  There were no dreams that he could remember but time had continued and now it was morning.  Being with her last night had been a dream in a way, at least thats what his memories where like in his mind.  They were all soft, and quick flashes and if he didn’t try his best to hold onto them when they came into his mind they turned quickly into vapors and disappeared.  He didn’t even know exactly how or when he had decided that he would take her again but here he was, and now it was daytime, unfortunately though it wasn’t the kind of daytime he liked.

Hostel living quarters
Hostel living quarters

Now that he was awake he tried to recall the memories and quick flashes of her naked body from last night.  He could smell her skin as she laid behind him and it reminded him of her taste.  At first he had kissed her soft but later in the night he had kissed her hard too.  She liked it that way and became sweet when she perspired, blushing when he entered her.  It made her sexy to him no matter what imperfections she had.

When she rolled over last night and kneeled above her petite naked body he had fallen in love with the smooth curve above each cheek of her tight round ass, in the place where it made two dimples in her lower back.  Sweating with her then had been passionate and carnal, but sweating next to her now made him feel claustrophobic.

She pulled him closer and wove her legs between his.  It was wet and hot where her skin touched his and he realized that he kept catching whiffs of his own stench.  If he could smell it, he thought to himself, then she must be able to smell it, and it was a damn rotten smell.  It was the foul smell being pushed out of his pores from all the beer and liquor he drank last night.  Every time he inhaled it seemed to get stronger and it made him feel trapped.

The Dutch girl in the bunk above him was clearly still asleep, he could hear her faint, wheezing, snore the same as he had all night.  Then there was Nick, the guy on the top bunk on the other side of the room.  He appeared to be asleep also by the way his face was stuffed into his pillow.  Below Nick the bunk was empty.

Just then Paul opened the door and walked in wearing nothing but purple boxer shorts.  “Nick, uh wait here, ummm no, no, uhhhhhh, did I tell you what happened?” Paul wobbled and his foot slid sideways when he stepped on a t-shirt that was lying on the tile floor between the two bunks.

“Close the door Paul, it’s fucking bright out!” Nick said brashly, his voice rough when he lifted his head out of his pillow.  The man with the girl, whose name was Scott, closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

“Yeah but Nick, wait, ummmmm…” Paul’s hand slipped twice from the doorknob as he tried to get his balance.  He managed to click the door closed shutting out the bright sun which had been burning a laser stripe across the room.

Paul stumbled back into the dorm room and said  “Who is it that we, I mean wait, is it? ummm….Nick, how’s it going man?”  Sitting down with a heavy thud he began to smile with his eyes closed.

Scott and Nick both laughed a little inside, man was Paul drunk.  The girl next to Scott slid her knee across the back of his thigh, it was warm and hot and slippery with sweat and he felt his muscles tense up.  In another time it could have been sexual, but not at this moment, he wanted out.

Paul struggled to get to his feet and then stood in the middle of the room lit by the sharp rays of sunlight shooting through the cracks in the doors and windows.  Nick lifted his head out of his pillow and looked down at Paul.  He was standing in a strobe of daylight and Nick could see that he was sunburned, bruised, scratched and his red hair was matted to his head.

“I have to go… do yo have, no wait, how am I…haha , Nick you shoulda been there.  Hi girl” he looked over at the Dutch girl sleeping.  Paul was making no sense and I am just glad he hasn’t seen me yet Scott thought.  Turning back around he shuffled towards the door and when he walked out of the room Nick shouted after at him to close the door.

Scott unwrapped his legs from between the girl he was laying with and rolled over to face her.  Her eyes were still closed and her skin looked soft as warm butter where the light hit it.  He felt a drop of sweat slide sideways across his forehead and he heard it drop onto his pillow.  If someone asked him to describe how he was feeling, panic is what he would have said.  Nick was awake but grumpy, the Dutch was dead to the world and Scott was not drunk enough, or filled with enough lust, to want her again right now.

Sometimes people don't make it to their beds
Sometimes people don’t make it to their beds

Scott thought about all kinds of things while he laid there.  He looked at her long eyelashes and oval shaped eyes and the tan skin that was pulled smoothly over her soft cheekbones.  It’s hard to sleep close to someone you don’t love, but girls were like that he thought.  His experiences had taught him that they were especially like that in the morning time.

He had liked sleeping close to someone when he had been in love.  Those memories made him start to feel soft but they began to tighten in on him until they shattered into pain.

Maybe it was because he was hungover, or maybe it was just the way it was now, but he couldn’t look at the girl beside him anymore, who’s name he didn’t know, without getting angry.  The heat from her legs was too much and he smelled too horribly and laying next to her he couldn’t help the fact that his aggression was bubbling.  He was angry at her because she reminded him of love and at the moment love wasn’t something he thought of lightly.

The door banged open and Paul stood there backlit by the sun and then staggered in.  “Shut the fucking door Paul, I’m trying to sleep!” Nick’s voice sounded like shit, it always did in the morning but it was especially bad today.  Paul was still wearing purple boxer shorts but they had dirt on them now.  He looked confused by the fact they were all laying in their beds.

“Sorry I… umm, do you have uhhh…Fuck, sorry guys… Nick, wait I know things were weird before…”

“Fuck Paul, Piss off!  I’m trying to sleep.”  Nick was up on his elbows now with his back arched, his hair looked funny from how he had slept and his eyes looked tired.

Scott was glad Paul hadn’t turned his attention towards him and the girl but knew he would never be able to fall back asleep.  So he laid on his back and stared straight up at the boards which held the mattress for the top bunk.  How the hell do I get rid of her Scott wondered and stared hard into the boards above him.

Out of the corner of his eye Scott saw Paul stand up from beside his bunk holding three partly filled, but mostly empty, Ron de Medellin rum bottles.  Paul continued mumbling to himself and then walked out the door.

This may be Paul...
This may be Paul…

Here was my chance, Scott thought, I can get out of bed and close the door Paul left open, then go take a shower.  Right then the girl lifted her leg and rolled towards him and placed it between his knees and then laid her arm across his chest.  She exhaled with a tiny moan that was so quite it was barely audible.

Why did she have to bite my lip so hard Scott thought? She really did like that rough stuff.  Dammit, he whispered to himself when he rolled his tongue across the smooth part of his lip where it met the rough part which was tender and swollen.

It had been fun though hadn’t it?  He chuckled under his breath hiding it with a short cough and then deftly slid out from under her.  When he was standing, his first step was a little wobbly but closed the door and looked down at the girl in his bed one last time before stepping into the bathroom.  Her eyes were closed and she looked about as pretty as she could, given the circumstances.

He watched the yellow stream of piss pour out of his penis into the toilet.  When he was finished he turned the shower and stepped into the chilly water.  The shower had only one temperature.  It was never too cold but always cool enough to be refreshing.

Standing there he couldn’t stop thinking about how the hell he was going to get rid of the girl in his bed.  It was too hot to go lay down with her again, and boy he sure got nasty feelings whenever he started getting mixed up in his emotions like he was now.  It wasn’t his fault, he didn’t want to be angry, it was all because of his ex.  He had truly loved that lying bitch and she had abandoned him, proving in her last acts to be no better than her mother.

He turned off the shower and stepped onto the wet floor and stood naked and dripping looking at himself in the mirror.  How the hell am I going to get rid of her he thought?

Looking at his eyes he smiled to himself.  With his hands he pushed his cheeks upwards and inspected the depths of the wrinkles where his skin creased.  He was getting older, there was no doubt about that, but he wasn’t truly old yet, just old enough to know that he was aging and it wasn’t going to stop or slow down.  But he wasn’t an old man, he was still part boy.

He thought again about his ex, he didn’t do it on purpose, she just appeared in his head.  What a bitch, he thought, how anyone could be as heartless as her was beyond him.

He shook the water from his head and tried to shake his ex from his mind.  When he was done drying himself he hung his towel over the aluminum shower curtain and then turned again towards the mirror.

He was naked and innocent, and a part of him showed it, but his eyes were bloodshot from drinking too much the night before.  At least his hair looked good, it always looks better when its wet he thought to himself.

The door to the room opened and closed quickly and Scott assumed it was Paul coming back in.  He wasn’t ready to face Paul so he grabbed his toothbrush and started brushing.  Brushing methodically he stared into the mirror and straight into his eyes thinking about his options.

Day begins..
Day begins..

Nick was hungover and trying to sleep so he would be no fun at this hour, but he must be hot up there, maybe he’ll get up soon Scott hoped.  The Dutch girl was still sleeping, she hadn’t moved all night, but who cared about her, she had the personality of a dead moth.  Paul might have come back into the room, but it was hard for Scott to tell, he couldn’t hear anything.

The same question popped into his head, how the hell was he going to get rid of the girl in his bed?

He wasn’t worried about his emotions because at this point he couldn’t care less about his emotions, what worried him was her emotions.  He didn’t want her to fall in love with him but that was impossible because she was a girl and girls always fall in love, especially here.

Maybe I could tell her I have to go into town to use the ATM, that might work he thought, but  then again maybe not, she might ask to come with me and then I’d be stuck with her all day.

The door to the room opened a second time and this time there was no mistaking Paul’s staggering steps.  He heard Nick yell, “Paul! What the fuck man! How many times are you going to keep coming in here, I’m trying to fucking sleep, shut the damn door!”

“Sorry Nick, I just I… Did I? Umm, no Nick, Nick honestly, I brought you a present.”  He was very drunk and very confused.  Scott laughed out loud and then opened the door to see what kind of gift Paul had brought Nick.

Nick was raising himself up on one elbow and looked over at Scott as he came out of the bathroom.  Nick looked just like he did right after he takes a shot of tequila, its not a pretty sight.  His voice sounded horrible when he yelled, “What the fuck Paul, the cat!?” and when Scott looked up there was Paul holding a huge black and white cat.

“No Nick, it, its for you, this is my cat friend, his name is Nick.  Nick, its, its the same name as you and I brought him to meet you.”

“You’re fucking drunk man, get outta here.” Nicks voice was getting hard to hear and more raspy each time he yelled and Scott watched him dive face first into his pillow.

Scott looked to his left at the Dutch girl who was awake now and laughing at Paul.  Her eyes were puffy and the make-up she forgot to take off last night was smudged.  He looked down at his bunk expecting to see the girl from last night but the girl from last night was gone.

Paul was drunk and hadn’t slept, Nick was hungover and grumpy, the girl with the puffy eyes was awake on the top bunk and the girl from last night was gone.  It wasn’t that he didn’t like the girl from last night, she was pretty and kind enough for anybody to like her, it was just he didn’t like anybody right now.  He laid down in his bed and stretched out his arms and legs.  His head was cool and still a little wet from the shower but now alone he was finally happy.

Nick and Scott - Rock & Roll air guitar
Nick and Scott – Rock & Roll air guitar

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